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Making Time for Your Business

Making Time for Your Business

We are officially into February and 2016 is already flying by. I have a realized I have a tendency of making big goals and then not following through. Partially because I feel like if you aim high you’ll at least land closer to your goal than if you made a small goal and achieved it right away with no shock and awe. I continue to have dreams even though I’m hugely pregnant and fully aware that my family dynamic is about to majorly change, and I have very little support. You know what? Lots of big goal diggers don’t have much support but they find away to make it happen because it’s their responsibility to succeed and no one else’s.

We’re very excited to be welcoming our third baby, our second son, next month!! As family members and friends are planning trips to visit and help with our growing family I am so grateful to be reminded that we are not alone and there are always people who will be here for us. As a stay at home mom it can be difficult to not feel alone. My life is scheduled around meal times and naptimes, and a couple of trips here and there to the grocery store. I manage to fit in home Enjoying a sunny Las Vegas dayworkouts and quiet time in the in-between times, but a social life outside of the internet is very rare- enter salon day and the extremely occasional date-night. In spite of all of that I’m currently taking advantage of all of those free February business trainings that are being posted all over Facebook. They really are helpful for a lot of things, from teaching you how to create a Facebook ad to increasing YouTube views, to taking action steps to making your biz work with the life of your dreams. I’ll also be redoing BTBY (Be True Brand You by Kimra Luna), a branding and business development program that I started last year but set aside in order to get my family settled in to our new home and city, and get more clear on the kind of business I want to run. I’m rewatching a program I bought about using Instagram for your business (from Dean St. Society), and I am looking forward to lots of notes and making big decisions about the future of my brand and business.

So I guess my point here is, though life keeps us busy and always going forward we can often lose sight of what we want, what our goals are, and what’s important to us just getting through the day-to-day. We have to make the time for those important things. Take advantage of all of the free training out there, and maybe even invest in something for your business. Take the time to learn. There is always time for you and your goals. Don’t give up. Work it out and keep your eye on the prize! It is so worth it. Even the journey itself is worth it.

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